K.O. Götz & Rissa Saal

The ‘’K.O. Götz and Rissa-Saloon’’ presents the artwork of the couple Karl Otto Götz and Rissa in mixed hangings. Abstract-informative and objective-figurative positions participate in an exciting dialogue. The informel art developed after World War II as a transnational movement, which individuated itself by its’ abstract and shapeless characteristics. K.O. Götz isn’t only a pioneer of the German informel but he also supported the dialogue of art between Germany and France in the 1950’s. His art expresses a special dynamization of the artistic attitude. It seems like the creative process is stored within his art, making it conserved. This impression results from Götz’ special raking technique: after the thin paint is brushed on the image carrier, the artist moves it by use of a scraper, which consists of hard rubber and is provided with a wooden handle. Götz frequently works into the picture with a dry brush.

Figurative and objective since 1964, Rissa developed an own imagery which influences her work to this day. She calls it ‘’scrap-painting’’. It describes her process of dissecting the shown objects into colorful parcels without resolving the outlines. The specific areas collide, there are no transitions, maybe in the perception of the observer at best.

Objects that are normally familiar to us are shown in really unfamiliar constellations. We are confronted with scenarios changing between dream and reality, between conscious and unconscious. In their pictorial world Rissa merges the private experience with comments about social and political developments and generally-humane constants. For example, Rissa’s ‘’Jonction’’ (French for conjunction-interface) refers to the occurrences of the German reunion, whereas the pair of pictures ‘’Where we’re from’’ – ‘’Where we’re going’’ addresses the existential dimension humanity. But the artwork still leaves room for the observers own associations and interpretations.

1997 prof. dr. h.c. Karl Otto Götz and his wife prof. Rissa established the K.O. Götz and Rissa-foundation. The place of business is in Niederbreitbach-Wolfenacker.