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Education Programme

After years of improvising the Middle-Rhine Museum now has new rooms. For the first time this includes a bright, spacious room for the museum’s educational programme, which fulfills all of today’s demands.

In future, this is where the creative heart of the museum lies. For a museum should not be a passive institution that mainly lives off its own resources. It is far more imperatively dependent on impulses and energies from outside. Only then can it be a lively place, which offers its visitors an attractive programme.


It is our future task to develop additional concepts in order to attract new groups of visitors and to create more interaction as well as possibilities for participation.



Celebrating birthday at the Middle-Rhine Museum

“Today it can rain, storm or snow…” (German birthday song)

…because we celebrate your birthday at the Middle-Rhine Museum! Together we have a look at pictures and afterwards you can do handicrafts, glue, draw and mold things as much as you like to. At the end, every child has a small artwork, which it can take home as a reminder.


For a maximum of 12 children, aged 6 to 12

Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 50.00 incl. admission fee; depending on topic, additional material costs are possible

Topics and dates by arrangement. Just call us!



For kindergarden and pre-school groups

Experiencing pictures with all senses

Why not go to the museum? By engaging in activities appropriate for this age-group, the children not only get to know the museum itself, but they also learn that there is more to a picture than just form and colour. With subsequent creative realization.


Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 40.00 incl. material and admission fee for a children’s group and a maximum of 2 chaperons



For school classes


Our permanent collection unites over 2,000 years of art and cultural history and offers a broad range of interesting topics for guided tours, which are adapted depending on age and learning group.  Based on the curriculum we have developed concepts, which can be adjusted individually to meet your wishes.


Selection of topics:

          Stories from the Bible: Joseph, Mary and the Saints

          Mystery tour: Perspective in landscape pictures since the 17th century

          Town on the river: The cityscape of Koblenz from a historical and contemporary view

          Father, Mother, Child: Family and children’s portraits over the centuries

          Lemon-green, rose-yellow – Discover the colours of Modern Art

          Abstract or non-representational? A journey into the wide world of form and colour

Duration: 1 hour

Price: € 40.00 incl. material and admission fee for a school class and a maximum of 2 chaperons



We will gladly offer you and your family, friends or colleagues a guided tour through our collection. Please book a special tour during the opening hours of the museum.


The price for a group of a maximum of 20 participants is € 50.00 plus a reduced admission fee for each person


For events outside our opening times we can offer you special arrangements. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Aditionally, we offer

          Holiday workshops for children from age 8

          Further training for teachers on topics of our permanent collection or the special exhibitions

          Creative workshops for adults

          Academic presentations

For information regarding opening times, prices and events please call 0261 / 129-2520 or -2521 (ticket desk)


CONTACT Education Programme Team

Dr. Claudia Heitmann

Tel. 0261 / 129-2504



Opening hours

The Middle-Rhine Museum is open daily from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cultural building is closed on Christmas Day and New Year.