Kroener Time Codes – The Power of Images

What can paintings contribute to the understanding of historical events? When and because of what do paintings become legendary?
This summer, the Mittelrhein-Museum is going to present 70 works by Werner Kroener under the title “Time Codes – The Power of Images”, including 20 large-sized works and a digital series of work.
This exhibition is a show about power and the abuse of power, about temptation and suggestion. Kroener, who comes from Coblence but now lives in the south of Munich, has interpreted cover and press photos from the Süddeutsche Zeitung since two years. Out of this, 800 works have emerged that became a digital chronology of current affairs mirrored in representative press photos.

Digital interaction with the audience
The exhibition is separated into five subject areas. Its aim is to convey understanding of history through understanding several contemporary visual languages. With his art works, Kroener also wants to address a younger audience. Thus, students’ workshops are planned in cooperation with teachers and university lecturers from Coblence. In addition, the press photos of the Rheinzeitung are going to be interpreted in digital painting while the exhibition is running. These works also can be seen in the museum. Exhibition visitors may contact the artist via social media like Facebook or Twitter.
“Disaster – series of work about war and the Holocaust 70 years after the end of the Second World War”
One important topic is Goya’s series “Desastres de la Guerre”. Based on these pictures, Kroener created 20 drawings which show the problem of aesthetic distance towards shocking events.
Artist’s book about painting as journalism: “Historical painting 2.0”
An artist’s book accompanying the exhibition deals with the topic “painting as journalism”. It dares imparting media competence through perception with the help of 80 images and six texts.

Duration of Exhibition: 20th of June – 16th of August 2015
Opening of the Exhibition: Friday, 19th of June 2015, 7 pm