Dare to kiss the frog


Variations on the No. 1 of Grimms’ Fairy Tales

          by Wihelm Busch to Marie Luise Kaschnitz

Adaptions and parodies of the Frog Prince for adults

read by

Traute van Aswegen and Gerold Engelmann

In corporation with LESEN & BUCH, Förderverein of Koblenz StadtBibliothek


“In olden times when wishing still helped one”, this is how “The Frog Prince, or Iron Henry” begins, the first fairy tale from the collection of the Children’s and Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm. The material of fairy tales from the “dreamtime of the archaic period” was told around the world, in Tibet as well as in Mexico. The fairy tale of the animal bridegroom is known in the entire European area and it still inspires thinkers and poets, illustrators and cartoonists to adaptions and parodies of the tale and it is recounted time and again.


Traute van Aswegen and Gerold Engelmann will read works by Wilhem Busch, Astrid Lindgren, Janosch, Johann Mario Simmel, Franz Führmann and Marie Luise Kaschnitz in the conference room of the Middle-Rhine Museum on Wednesday, 30.10.2013, at 7 p.m. Afterwards the reading duo invites you to join a round of talks with a glass of wine or two. This event is a corporation between the Museum, the Förderverein “Lesen und Buch” and Koblenz StadtBibliothek.