Jacqueline Diffring-Confluentia

Jacqueline Diffring was born 1920 in Koblenz. Because of the repressive measures of  the Nazi regimes, she had to leave Germany to emigrate to England. She went to University to study sculpturing under Henry Moore. Her work orientates towards the classic modern era, which she developed to her very own language of forms. Since the 1960’s she’s living and working in France.

2015 the city of Koblenz awarded her with its’ cultural prize. A year later, Jaqcueline Diffring bestowed honor upon the Mittelrhein-Museum with a large-scaled retrospective of her work.

This incident caused her to artistically face up to her relationship with her hometown Koblenz. She created the sculpture ‘’Confluentia’’. It consists of two oblong and foursquare shapes which move towards each other to the point of the almost-touch. Both shapes perform a complex rotating motion around each other and within themselves. They are in a very fragile balance. Both figures seemingly lose their safe position and detach from the ground. How the movement is ending will not be known.

To acquire the sculpture ‘’Confluentia’’for the Mittelrhein-Museum, the ‘’Association of friends of the Mittelrhein-Museum and the Ludwig-Museum of Koblenz’’ published 25 limited editions made of bronze, of course with the agreement of the artist. The proceeds will immediately benefit the purchase of the sculpture for the museum.

The price of the edition amounts to 1400€. If you’re interested, please contact the checkout-area of the Mittelrhein-Museum. There you can bindingly order your own exemplar.