‘The art of football – the best accessory of the world’ with Iris Stephan and Julja Schneider


Iris Stephan and Julja Schneider, two artists from Cologne, creatively connect football and art in a humorous and satirical way

In their project ‘ArtVisite-Footballart’ over 150 collages about football were made; unattached to club-membership, nationality and time. This project can be seen in the special-exhibition-area in the display window of the Mittelrhein-Museum.

The opening of the exhibition will take place June 9th at 11am for the family-festival and on schedule with the beginning of the World-Cup 2018.

The artists will be on the spot for the opening and they will be artistically active at 1pm-4pm in the Mittelrhein-Museum.

At 4:30pm there’ll be a tour of the exhibition ‘ArtVisite: Footballart – The best accessory of the world’.