Klappraden® and KUULIus® by EDITHA Pröbstle the sculptor

Editha is creating ‘Klappraden®‘ since 1987.’’ The pushing of boundaries and art is what’s so fascinating about it, as well as the fact that Klappraden transfer the playful creativity and fantasy of it’s creator.’’ (Dr. Th. Lochmann, manager of Skulpturhalle Basel, 2003 at an opening of an exhibition). With Klappraden Editha brought the two-dimensional woodcarving into the third dimension. ‘’Yes, even the fourth dimension (time) is reached by the artwork because it is always variable, – a completely new appearance of art.’’.

The artist is creating KUULIus® since 2008

Because of this new creation, the transition into three-dimensional shapes succeeded and results in being the base of other art forms like colored woodcuts or skinning. The cutting, dissecting and the isolation of the pictorial elements are very important for EDITHA. Since 2012 KUULIus are becoming even more interesting because they’re partly illuminated from their inside. Many visitors are fascinated by the idea and impact these artworks are radiating in the dark. They are insensitive to weather conditions due to synthetic material. You have to look very closely to discover the artist’s messages.

All her techniques, handmade colored woodcut, drawings, bronze sculptures, are thematically suggesting the seriousness of the interactions with animals and the extinction of species. Since the artist’s adolescence the animals’ traits and behavior are fascinating her. That’s why she is criticizing the human treatment of the environment and especially of the animals through partly hidden messages. Her advice to her artwork: ‘’Let your eyes circle and discover. Watch many details that are provoking thought. If you observe  fireflies up close, they’ll just be red insects. But from afar they’re beautiful and carry warm ideas.’’